They have a great guarantee and there are many patents and scientific studies done on them. And its all certified organic! Shaklee has products developed in tandom with Nobel Prize winning scientists., i would like to know why Andrew lessmans vitamins are not on your list. Personally I would like to see ratings from several thousand evaluations to insure that my personal almost FIVE star rating is in align with what others would say. Have you evaluated the products from Vitamin World and Melaleuca ? But if you are looking for the best, be sure to check out Shaklee. The secret is that your upline trains you to train 4 distributors to train 4 distributors to train 4 distributors. Thank you for providing this informative list for all to use, Gerald Natzke DO FAAEM, NorthStar Nutitionals Vitamin Research Products Real Advantage Nutrients. I do believe there in fact can be a positive health result from supplementing our diet like many, I am on a limited budget and need the things I choose to buy to work. Shaklee products are the oldest supplement company in the world. Thanks for the attempt. Natures Sunshine products are all tested for purity, etc. Analysts placed the leveraged buyout value of Shaklee at $35 a share. I have used their product for 30 years. Although New Chapter has been purchased by a pharmaceutical company, it still makes the good list? Feel more energy. Shaklee has been on every space mission since 1993, and NASA asked them to create a product to stop the severe dehydration caused by reentering the atmosphere. what about Swanson Vitimens? You get your stuff. Products include Standard Process whole food supplements, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, and MediHerb herbal supplements. Shaklee ships my products to me via FedEx. You may be impressed with this companys integrity as well! No soy, wheat, gluten, sugars, etc. NOW is the cheapest of the companies and I dont know for a fact, but was told quality is questionable. I have never done any testing on the amount of supplement in each pill. Shaklee products have 71 patents and patents-pending." [ 1] "Shaklee Corporation will accept returns under the Shaklee Guarantee when the products were purchased directly from Shaklee. PS1000 allows you to lose more weight and reach goals faster than most on weight loss programs. Over the course of the last 10 years, it has become apparent that MANY supplements can be removed from our clients daily program(s). You cant tell if a supplement contains GMOs by name brand unless they state that none of their products have GMOs. Whole World Botanicals. very excellent company. Standard Process Web site, accessed April 20, 2006. I am a bit shocked by this list. I am a distributor with Natures Sunshine, which makes really high quality supplements. The CFO of Proctor and Gamble is on the Board of Directors at Monsanto. Research this topic in the Internet and draw your own conclusions. They seem to be very potent and at an excellent price!!!! Always work with qualified medical professionals, even as you educate yourself in the field of diet, weight loss, fitness and nutrition. Distillation Process. I dont think I will ever buy another product ever!. My Distributor is 2000 miles away. We especially cater to those with multiple chemical sensitivities, gluten free and minimal additives (for product stability), GMO and no irradiated ingredients. Ethical Alternative Products is a manufacturer of a small number of what we call premium supplements. I am surprised that we see GMO sourced ingredients and synthetics in many of them. That, price and variety of name brands is why I usually order from them. I was surprised to not see the worldwide company USANA on your list. Joan. When learning aboutleucineand how it can work to make the body retain more muscle all while slimming down,there are some interesting facts. Updated Standard Process is good. So, a lot of it is your attitude. It is not sold in retail stores. I wonder if you know whether this corp. is a good health value ? They are non GMOs, vegetarian, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and farm fresh. I see a pattern based on comments, about great products that are not listed I suspect that supplements that are MLM based are missing from the list on purpose. And buy locally whenever possible. It is the oldest and happens to be the largest in the world. NYR Organics carries nine different supplements and vitamins. Felt best when in lots of Shaklee, most stress free company I dealt with, met great people, I miss their make up, nothing has compared, love cleaning products. Ive used these vitamins & supplements since 1979/1980 and am extremely impressed with their purity and the improved health I have achieved. This kit is a combination of two canisters of the Life Energizing Shakes, 1 Box of Shaklee Snack Bars,the Shaklee Metabolic Boost supplement, Vita-Lea multivitamin, as well as program support. We're taking sustainability to the next level by embracing circularity, expanding our carbon offset program, reducing packaging and shipping weight, and sourcing recycled or recyclable materials. However, here are some you may wish to research further to see if they are right for your family. what part of speech is the entry word; johnny's reef tartar sauce recipe; jeff goldblum commercial A company that has been around for 65 years is doing something right. Shaklee has the highest quality products out there. Their supplements work amazing and their cleaning and laundry work better than anything else and they help with allergies. The vitamins are made from whole foods rather than synthetically manufactured. Pure Encapsulations doTERRA Essential Oils. Ive been with Shaklee since the 1980s (41 years.) However, here are some you may wish to research further to see if they are right for your family. I recommend the following Product: Omega 3 Company: Ocean Blue, Hi Have been using Rainbow Light since the early 80s. Its a Utah company that is trusted and has been in business for many many years. Hoping they put more things on sale more often. When looking into different Shaklee reviews, I wanted to see what both customers and distributors had to say about their experience. Shaklee may, at its discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Incentive structure or any other feature of any Incentive Program described in this Incentive Booklet. You can find out which are good (contain what they say, if there are contaminants like lead and if they disolve properly) by joining Their science and purity are outstanding and they are published in peer reviewed journals more than any other nutrition brand. Best brand for Magnesium, Vitamin C, and Zinc in a unique Compound Complex that has 100% uptake. As a senior, like many, I am on a limited budget so I need to spend my money wisely. Thanks, Lisa Zeise, BIG MISS Swanson Vitamins rated very high in consumer reviews, Would you please advise if Shaklee Supplements was intentionally not on the list and if so reason(s) why or would you consider them for your approved list? I use some brands on your list. Our Climate Neutral initiative will cover all scope 3 carbon emissions, including those produced by our suppliers, shipping partners, employees, and more. It doesnt mean that a product isnt good for you or that it doesnt work. I recommend Nutrilite, specifically Double X. Nutrilite is currently celebrating its 80th year of creating and distributing pharmeceutical-grade vitamins, minerals, and supplements; Double X is the star of their showtotally organic, it is manufactured by Nutrilite from plants they grow on their own farms, so they have control from seed to tablet. I find most doctors unwilling to look at MLM companies even though some of them (including Shaklee) have some of the best products on the market. is an organization providing product ratings and reviews of the highest standards. No information offered here, or product sold on this website, should be interpreted as a diagnosis of any disease, nor an attempt to treat or prevent any disease or condition. All formulas are 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label, and meet or exceed the FDAs current GMP. Dont care what anyone says about Shaklee supplementsthey work and are the best out there. We were the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral. No companies were left off intentionally, which is why we made sure to include the following in the article: Please note that our list is not exhaustive; there are many excellent companies who pay a great deal of attention to quality and efficacy, and not all of them are represented here. Every product is double-blind-clinically-tested and third-party-verified to PROVE bioavailability. As an 81 year old person I need to rely heavily on the company and its products, especially nutritional items hopefully designed to help us live longer better and are what the company says they this case with Shakleegood, natural, and clinically researched to be #1 NEEDED and, #2 to be EFFECTIVE. Heads up- Apparently , New Chapter has been purchased by Proctor & Gamble. It accumulates. And yestheyve got complete lines of other brands like NOW and Jarrow Also at great discounts. I recommend the Andrew Lessman brand of vitamins/supplements sold on this website: They are 100% pure and the soy used is non-GMO. Shaklee has ALWAYS made good on product replacement and refunds if a carrier fails to deliver my order (Shaklee refers to these orders as Auto-shipments) or for any other complications. This list seems very mainstream & shopping mall oriented Many supplement makers use chemicals and not food-based nutrition Those in the know know that MegaFood has the very best vitamins and supplements available Also, with New Chapter now with P & G, and Garden of Life no longer affiliated with its founder, there are concerns there Natural News has found heavy metals in some supplements Be careful what you are buying out there. I did lost wait , i sleep much better. Stay away unless you want to get the run around. Partner with Ecovadis on our sustainability and carbon neutrality journey throughout our entire supply chain. While the information on this website, and the products sold on it, are discussed in the context of numerous conditions, it can be dangerous to start any health program without first consulting a local health professional. Life Energizing Shake- Vegan Soy Plain and Simple Soy Protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, L-leucine, rice protein concentrate, prebiotics, sunflower oil powder,dicalciumphosphate, sunflower lecithin, milled golden flaxseed, potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, Vitamin D, ascorbic acid, selenium yeast, d-alpha-tocopherylacetate, molybdenum yeast,niacinamide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, calciumpantothenate, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin B12, manganese sulfate, chromium nicotinate, pyridoxine, hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, and biotin. Fat burner, fat blocker, appetite suppressant, and energy booster in one pill. The main reason for that? They pay (not gifted for their endorsements) for Shaklee because they work, and theyll never lose a medal because they unintentionally took something banned, either. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. A refund will be issued for the full amount paid less shipping which the customer is responsible for. I have been using Swanson Health Products for almost (6) years. Green Pasture/Blue Ice (far superior to Carlson oil products). They are an independant lab that tests various popular supplements.

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