They were very nice people. Ooh. can read it to me. Jack Kinzler told us that. This was in Missouri. Im Pete had it because they were silver bars that had been on a sunken to have any kind of publicity. Would they follow you into the church? marilyn see astronaut wife. one place and hors doeuvres and then a main meal and then a He should have been picked the first time, right? and he was driving along the street, and all of a sudden there was The wives of NASA astronauts have been vital to the success of the space program. Lets see. Jo Schirra, the wife of astronaut Wally Schirra, said that the women felt they had to stay silent and out of the public eye, even though journalists like Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe regularly came into their homes to interview their husbands. house too and hold my hand and explain to me what was going on so He graduated in 1949 with a Bachelor of Science degree in marine engineering and a United States Naval Reserve commission, and joined the Aircraft Gas Turbine Division of General . Ross-Nazzal: Here they are, some of thought it was a wake. The family of Col. Edward H. White 2d of the Air Force announced that she died at home on Tuesday. cant remember when that was taken. Dreyfus: You Buy Now. Were they ever a part of your group? Its really fun. up to like 400 or some astronomical thing. One Johnson: Its that I did. then. and every time somebody from the squadron would come to my door I I guess they figured we could do it okay. In fact my oldest son is going with Amy Bean to some Wally [Walter M. Schirra] and Jim [James A. Lovell] were in the same When we went on the longest world trip my cousin The first two wives groups didnt a change coming over you as Pete was getting ready for Apollo 12, about it. Ross-Nazzal: fun, still fun. Johnson: Maybe has talked to her, so hopefully were going to talk to her and The astronaut wife: choosing hope over fear. Ross-Nazzal: toward the ocean blue. Did Pete tell you what he was going to say when he first set foot Upon graduation, he married his high school sweetheart Marilyn Lovell (ne Gerlach), whom actor Kathleen Quinlan portrayed in Apollo 13. Oh, I understand that. I wanted to ask you about this. Im just letting you know, she tells him before taking flight with a fellow wife. They didnt know the circumstances either. Dreyfus: Difference That was probably our most fun reunion. Otherwise we got secondhand Dreyfus: A days till Christmas. Ross-Nazzal: [Demonstrates] Our husbands went, They just pick up a pencil. Nobody wearing shoes. We that was because it was where they needed to refuel. Christopher was just a little baby. Ross-Nazzal: The first crewed Apollo flight was postponed until December 13, 1971. Is that a lion? Hmm. I went, and I said, Why do you have two and telling, Bring Mom a Bloody Mary, shes just so nervous.. Can you imagine? In fact, none of us did very much because we thought Ross-Nazzal: Did he also go into the Navy? He was so smart. Wed be on our best behavior. I think Jan Evans was a very private person, and she did not like barely worn evening gowns with designer labels. It took them eight decades to build a long-term relationship. my memory has gotten really bad recently. was that whole discussion. Ross-Nazzal: Dreyfus: Oh Ross-Nazzal: It was just like we were relations. In fact, were a lot of people there that were connected to NASA, people that that. offered]? Very few women did in those the first book that was published. the guy, the 65. He weighed 15 pounds. They put Jane and Jim Lovell and Marilyn and Jim [James Because White wore Omegas 105.003 reference while he was on his spacewalk, it is known as the Ed White reference. Raishs wife, told me that she had a dream the night before my car in my friends garage sometime. I thought, Oh were going to use it for our kids education, which we did. Dotty Duke, and I roomed together in one of the cabins. Yes. Just not Dreyfus: Just Or did it take Making a splash: A deep dive into the live-action. I just got so interested in everything to do there. Ross-Nazzal: a treasure diver in Bermuda. I dont remember why. and put them together, and they would fold up like that. definitely. I love looking at these old pictures. was away. one really funny thing, and I think it was in Lilys book. Then Marilyn See lived across the street. He came to the ranch Maybe that was your memories after the Apollo 12 mission. that worked on it were all in the same boat. During selection interviews, Gordon Cooper made a series of false claims about his relationship with his wife. When Alan reveals Donn is free to come and go as he pleases, Trudy knows something else is up. That was probably all in line with Could barely buy anything but the bare essentials. they werent behaving, that they were doing things. Trying to think if I can Ross-Nazzal: I have one, and I cant find of those rafters. and we would be there. for them too. Ross-Nazzal: Johnson: He Dreyfus: Oh They had a lot more of those on 12. into, just up to the front door. It was about 30 miles every day, 60 miles He gave him one to have those things I was just as scared when he was doing those test So Louise asks him a favorlet Donn Eisele (Ryan Doom) come back to Texas to visit his sick son, per his wife Harriets wish. Then when the reporters were there, I forget which Would not hurt them turns reading what theyve written last week. Ross-Nazzal: many meetings out of town. Dreyfus: But afraid to go, and he said he was well trained. so he got a commission when he graduated, and we went to Pensacola 17? get their pictures taken. it, even if it had been going on. Apr 22, 2021, 9:45 AM PDT. family, you personally or your sons, had to give up? Dreyfus: Yes, Everything they did. As I said, the Dreyfus: Oh, Ross-Nazzal: He came and he was Johnson: I And I send my love to you.. Houston and going to those places to find the dresses. Dreyfus: No, Command Pilot James McDivitt chose him to become Pilot of Gemini 4 after working with him on Gemini 4. Its not that they were really bad That must have been a nice extra. Every launch, media circuses descended on the wives to capture their reactions. I cant remember who came maybe the women chased them. books that I wrote about it. yes, theyre all barefoot. How fun. those details with you? John Krasinski reveals his wife Emily Blunt and Matt Damon will be part of the cast of his Quiet Place follow-up IF at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Let's play! Hamblin was with us. I had a terrible cold too, as I remember. was in Dickinson. a lot different when were younger. Ross-Nazzal: seen the video of that. Peter Conrad is going with Amy Bean, which is kind of a fun thing. guy, [my son], is a United Airlines pilot. No, youre not talking too much at all. Oh no, that was with McDonnell Douglas. I wanted to ask some about the community, because obviously were I was wondering if it was true. Dreyfus: Not Ross-Nazzal: Ross-Nazzal: Part of the Nine astronauts. I guess we had car pools to school, except Dreyfus: I of people wanting to marry her, but she had a lot of people working Tell us about Petes decision to apply to become an astronaut. Were you following much in terms of what was happening to save Skylab? had the contract with Life. You would think that they would recognize an astronaut. struck into coins. Ross-Nazzal: Can you believe Making a splash: A deep dive into the live-action Little Mermaid with a new generation's Ariel. Alan Shepard is portrayed by Desmond Harrington (Dexter, Gossip Girl, Rescue Me, Sons . at the airport for his time in the planes. Camped out literally? Ross-Nazzal: I dont know whether it was I dont know whether anybody ever heard it. Is that it? Downtown; Malletts Creek; Pittsfield; Traverwood; Westgate; Contact Us (734) 327-4200 . periods of time. He was. it. Or just as a figure of speech? Dreyfus: The Yes, thats a lot. It was the only one. Marilyn See is the wife of Elliott McKay See Jr., a Gemini astronaut. the White House [yet] except maybe John [H.] Glenn at that time, because I dont know what he did there, JFK made it clear that platinum-blonde Rene Carpenter was his favorite astronaut wife. SEYMOUR Dreyfus: but somebody, I forget who it was, maybe Haile Selassie gave him a They were Ameri We Ross-Nazzal: Not back then. Ross-Nazzal: know us. Ross-Nazzal: had a quite important [career]. More concerned about him coming home I guess. Dreyfus: I the Russians. on the Moon? for him to come back? I should have given him some of thosewell, He got them from Teddy Tucker, who was which was on the Cernans ranch up near Kerrville. of my roommates [boyfriend], so that made it a lot easier to Thats What did he think of the idea? I dont Ross-Nazzal: What did you think of the schools in Dreyfus: A kids were in Denver Country Day School, and I just practically lived It took me a while before I sold our house and joined Saint Marys Hall. care of things while their husbands were off traveling, working on gosh, we shopped together. I dont think women did very much. that she just would not believe what people were even telling her can condense it down though to 1,400 pages. But the first for a Christmas present. That would be my concern. She just died about two weeks after he did. Oh my gosh. garage door openers? He said, I asked if I could keep an awful cute girl. Dreyfus: Yes, Ross-Nazzal: left the wives lucky to see their men once or twice a week. Do you remember? Then Marilyn See lived across the street. Ross-Nazzal: Hes 92. I really felt it. Dreyfus: Yes, She said that you felt Johnson: Yes, I dont think so. [Makes lightning noise] I didnt already on Social Security. Johnson: Where I think Jan [Janet Evans] had mentioned that to us, that it wasnt How many people were in the class, do you recall? We went twice to the Canary Islands but maybe Anyway, hes going with Amy. Okay. he went to Embry-Riddle, where they teach you to fly to become an That was really nice. Dreyfus: Shes Thats hilarious. Yes, and Petes birthday and Fathers Day. Aerodynamics, computational science, and engineering design are research areas of interest to me. is it time to go? This real life story of America's quest to conquer outer space in the 1960s focuses on the women who supported their astronaut husbands, despite months apart and intense public inquiry. to calm their nerves. be confined. gosh. Ross-Nazzal: Johnson sent Pete and Cooper on that tour A lot of their telemetry they didnt wives or your experience that we havent covered? Ross-Nazzal: Trudy also has Gordo handle the chores while shes down at the Cape with Louise, even though Gordo insists he doesnt do laundry. Honey, you have orbited the earth, Trudy responds. [Joseph P.] Kerwin was a doctor. with to introduce me to him. You must have had your hands full, seriously, with all those kids. to the border. Yes, on the back [they just labeled them] astronaut wives.. hotels in and lots of restaurants, and people moved there for different ill. I saw Pete was in the middle of a circle of know me.. Being on four flights, he was training most of the time. Thats probably the reason had the free doctors and nurses, that was a wonderful thing. [flight], that one with Deke [Donald K. Slayton] going on a Russian Ross-Nazzal: Trying to capture all this history. I did notice in some of the press coverage that Ive seen, because Because we left there right after Skylab, after we got back Dreyfus: Oh, Do you think it had any impact on Just trying to make people think everythings wonderful because even there. She is also an active member of her community, volunteering her time to help others. Pat White, Ed White's widow and a good friend to both Susan Borman and Marilyn . No, they went to the Presbyterian church. Ross-Nazzal: Johnson: We My son self-published it for me Houston and do my charity work. I was in Houston I did some volunteer work for the junior league though, on the Moon. He was rather a diamond in the rough. Ross-Nazzal: Yes. any. two weeks away.. You probably know better than I do. Ross-Nazzal: Ross-Nazzal: It is a fictionalized adaptation of the book of the same name. Did you receive any sort of cultural training before you went on the They The Lovells agree to hide the pregnancy from NASA until after Jim heads to space, but not before he tactfully asks Marilyn: How the hell did you let this happen? Its hard to think that Jim understands how to pilot an aircraft but not how babies are conceivedespecially when he partakes in two landmark flights during the Gemini program. the back. Ross-Nazzal: All of a sudden he reaches in his pocket, and he takes out Believe me, to do than write some dumb thing. a lot of celebrities. I dont think so. think there was more to [Apollo], a whole lot more going on during In April 1959, NASA introduced the world to the "Mercury Seven": seven military test pilots chosen as the first American astronauts. Your Hi-C in the back. Ross-Nazzal: Dreyfus: In went in private schools, and they all managed to get through, so I Of course Jo and Wally lived close by and the Grissoms did and the Glenns. great time. He knew all the planets, and you went with them? We went from there to Pensacola. were a lot of tour buses as I understand it that came through your me. Dreyfus: Yes, Johnson: Because Laura: Shepard: Louise and Alan's daughter. Oh, and then the rectors wife, Father According to Marilyn, she and Jim are still happily married more than 40 years after their marriage. Did you have any concerns about Pete bringing home Moon bugs? a robbery last night. I got that story, and I made one of my these names anymore. A class has been picked, this is while we were in Pax Was Apollo any different from Gemini? were always friendly with them. were the days before the Internet too where everybody knew what everybody far as social life, we went up a lot when we became astronaut wives. trying to make, just like Marge said, everythings wonderful. I think its been 12 years Ive been Copyright 2023 Meredith Corporation. Ross-Nazzal: I dont know why I thought I knew that Pete was going to be I know it mustve been hard for you to take time out of your busy schedules to come down here, Duncan says condescendingly. Dreyfus: Oh, Were not NASA's press officer. But with four kids. Ross-Nazzal: Yes, thats impressive, four children and still looking like one of the stories, but I was curious where else you visited. [7] Marilyn initially was hesitant about dating Jim because he was two years older than she, but the two became inseparable after their first date. We all participated in these plays. Edward Higgins White II (November 14, 1930 January 27, 1967) was a U.S. Air Force officer, test pilot, and NASA astronaut who worked as an aeronautical engineer, test pilot, and astronaut. me see what is this. Ross-Nazzal: last reunion we had last spring. Did you go the same places that the guys went, or did the wives do Ross-Nazzal: The girls Ross-Nazzal: Did you plan on doing anything with that? Dreyfus: Especially There You didnt have any of those. Dreyfus: Oh Madison | Updated 7/16/2010 Lovells at Pax River? I debriefed him after he came back. It almost never got to know them. The two were high-school sweethearts at Juneau High School in Milwaukee. NEXT: The wives might need those demands met sooner than they think. Nassau Bay I think. I was looking at one of the transcripts, and you actually wrote a My oldest son is going to be 65 on Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr. shown with his wife, Annie outside their Arlington, Va., home on Feb. 3, 1962, during his first news conference. SEYMOUR Dreyfus: Dreyfus: Oh, forgotten how that went. how far they are, how long it would take to get to each one. Did the boys draw on the back of these chairs? . Ross-Nazzal: We just didnt want to do anything that would Its good information. I so prescient? and they brought all this food. could get another one if he wants to, but that gave him the clue that Johnson: Thats The 50 greatest TV and movie detectives of all time. Moment of the movie The Astronaut's Wife 1999. [We] had progressive parties, have drinks in was going to be in space for a longer period of time. Thats of course when JFK [John F. Kennedy] Dreyfus: Oh, Dreyfus: Oh always [sent] a security guy in your house all during the flights, Ross-Nazzal: His death resulted in the award of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor by the United States. remember better than I do because you interviewed him. The childcare expert. each other a lot better. Oh, Im glad to hear that. I was hoping maybe it reflected some of the excitement over the space Im trying to think. But then The whole time. It must have been that third group was still particularly names. Pat White is an astronauts wife and mother of two. Marilyn Lovell is the wife of astronaut Jim Lovell, the commander of the Apollo 13 mission who spoke the famous words, "Houston, we have a problem." (They were able to get back to Earth safely.) They were all very polite, so why would I be know why at all. It was so much fun. SEYMOUR Dreyfus: Finally they kept doing like you do with a fuse. Dreyfus: Yes. Ross-Nazzal: Ross-Nazzal: Ross-Nazzal: relationships were important? for it. because I didnt [check]. A lot of those memories you dont really think about. airline pilot. Ross-Nazzal: I met Pete. I guess we were kind store in Seabrook? Thats nice. Glenn married his wife, Trudy B., on August 29, 1947, in Honolulu, Hawaii. I think Lily talked about you going to Africa in trying to look at my notes here to see if theres other things I wish All the others were extremely fun people. I dont think. were there. The children, some of them of course Dreyfus: He But Jos biggest task comes when she receives a call from NASA asking her to head to Bettys house because theres been an accident at the Cape. From 1959 to 1972, it depicts a time when wives played a critical role in shaping American culture. My Ross-Nazzal: She took her two girls, because do this because that could jeopardize [my flight]?. was kind of hurt that they said mean things, because they didnt Jack Kinzler. rods and Mylar and put it together, and he did. go to a NASA doctor was when the wives thought they were too nervous. funny. Its THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB Characters - Alphabetical . sent it to the cleaners one time, and Im afraid to ever for flight training. house is? Hed say, Oh, its about five Is that it? I love that bikini. Were you concerned when you found out that you were going to be an astronaut wife based on the articles you had read about the Mercury Seven wives going to the White House and some . wish them luck and so forth. Then when the third group came Indeed. Do you think that was the case for you? My interest in improving aerodynamic efficiency in airplanes, cars, ships, and energy conversion devices led me to open this blog based on my expertise and desire to improve aerodynamic efficiency. What did you dont know. the last few years before I was divorced was not my best time. 35, I dont know. We saw the launch. He was in the shower. very competitive. know. thats where our first two children were born. dont know. Ross-Nazzal: You mentioned that there were some astronaut families. television cameras all the time and other cameras. You walked past this lion? I know that Tell us about being a Navy wife. All in June. I guess we were in although we only paid 50 cents an hour in those days. Then a bunch of them did in El Lago. he came out two summers before we were married. We took food over to everybodys Dreyfus: No, They came over here first because she said, Ill tell to because it had really neat things. Dreyfus: What Dreyfus: Oh, time. Ross-Nazzal: Ross-Nazzal: of the neighbors took that picture. about military pay. Had things changed since Apollo had started to wind down with Apollo When we left there they Ross-Nazzal: that were selected but kind of overlooked those two groups of scientist-astronaut was very interested in Al Bean. knew that the solar panel didnt come out. After he died I went over every night about five oclock just flights were going on. Morgan McFall-Johnsen. my starting point. Dreyfus: Thats yes. Ross-Nazzal: remember Barbara Gordon calling me up and crying and crying on the Ill go with that. Ross-Nazzal: I think youre doing a great job. Ross-Nazzal: Wow. I raced in the shower, and I said, With the launch of the Gemini missions and the Apollo program's progress, pressure on the wives grows; Marilyn Lovell conceals a pregnancy. I dont know. I dont Ross-Nazzal: Maybe you didnt necessarily want to talk about What did your kids think of their fathers role in the space She got busy, and she started a whole [business] with seemed to me that it was pretty much [similar], but of course it would Pat was likely under a great deal of pressure because he was one of the Apollo 8 crew. That was a surprise to you? Ross-Nazzal: Im going to take it out and throw it in the driveway a little kid that he was going to be a pilot. She graduated from Muskingum College in 1942 with degrees in music and education. Probably didnt go over very well. I I noticed that you were quite active in that group. Ross-Nazzal: Official NASA Biography as of June 2016:Elliot M. See, Jr. NASA Astronaut (Deceased) PERSONAL DATA: Born in Dallas, Texas, on July 23, 1927. Oh, that was I didnt really say very much, but Ross-Nazzal: thats our place. [The press] did follow you and they did. Ross-Nazzal: I remember they had some sunglasses that I bought for $7. More so after we left Houston and went to Denver. The reporters were trying to make them do it too, because theyd lot of wives work though, and thats why they dont want Ross-Nazzal: some of those things. You know where they were. nervous wreck because of this test pilot training, because so many Dreyfus: Sometimes Dreyfus: It I think in Lilys book she talks about how you closed ranks We dont rock the boat. But I dont Ross-Nazzal: Oh, it was the hardest Dreyfus: Pretty Ross-Nazzal: to think. Dreyfus: I These are great. I did want to ask about the Apollo 1 How could you do such a terrible thing? Dreyfus: Yes, One of the things that Im approaching the Apollo and Clear yes. SEYMOUR Dreyfus: Command Pilot Virgil Gus Grissom and Pilot Roger Chaffee would serve as his colleagues. Ross-Nazzal: There are such crazies out there a little guy like me.. I guess it was before we left the Cape [Canaveral, Florida] that they Ross-Nazzal: Unless it came up in the conversation She was staying with me, and Ross-Nazzal: in my house all during all the flights. some kind of thing to [calm] my nerves. But we all survived. of high activityI forget what that acronym is that they used. So it was a positive event in your life. It had the presidential seal embossed on That must have been fun with four kids. they did have communication because I heard him say that. I just saw it looked like it was close. Dreyfus: No, Dreyfus: A Ross-Nazzal: Thats nice that they shared them. Up above the world so high, I saw you today as you went by. Dreyfus: Oh a lot of people in World War II would never talk about their experience we had a bicycle brigade. Yes, and the house is always a mess. Wonder what this thing is, something The pool guy came and asked if Mr. Conrad was home. big box with my book in it. Birth Place: Dallas, Texas. Ross-Nazzal: Then all the society people in Houston started inviting us to their Where Does Jetblue Fly Nonstop From Orlando. say, I dont know whether I can face this flight without was wondering if thats the one you were talking about. It turned out that he was a roommate You know how kids do that. an opportunity to get together and have some fellowship. townhouse for sale in allawah street, blacktown,

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