Prices ex VAT. If youre transferring an entire broadband bundle or switching the type of broadband - for example, upgrading from ADSL to cable broadband - this can take longer as your new set-up may require installation. No, your traditional extensions will no longer work: if you require additional phones to run off of your new digital line, you can purchase an additional handset as an extension to your line for 75 + VAT later if required. To substitute a product on your order with a different product, we recommend that you add the new product to your order before removing the old one. Material changes to your contract will be set out below: There are currently no notifications for material changes to your contract. To cancel the whole order, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the red 'cancel order' button. Did the service actually cancel off for you on the 19th, or did you manage to sort something out with the order management guys? And our minimum speed guarantee means if your broadband drops below your minimum download speed, and we cant fix it, you could simply walk away. 08:00 - 18:00. Ordering with us for the first time or switching from another supplier. Necessary and performance cookies (required). If your Hybrid Backup or 4G Assure service fails to activate within 30 minutes of you reporting a fixed line fault to us, leaving you without a broadband connection, you can claim a one-time credit of 60 to be added to your bill. Please update it and try again. Weve laid out a new set of commitments in our first business charter, showing our customers BT is serious about helping UK businesses and the public sector in the world of ever-changing technology. BT Hike up Business Telephone Rates Yet Again Huge rise in business telephone and broadband. Standard prices apply from month 25. User guides and video tutorials for BT One Phone, Want to write in? Application for Cottage - & Small-Scale Industry License. No doubt about it, your current provider (BT) will want you to stay. Heres the address: If you have BT Business Landline or BT Business Broadband BT plc PO Box 334 Sheffield S98 1BT, If you're a BT Business Mobile customer BT Business Customer services 6 Camberwell Way Sunderland Tyne and Wear SR3 3XN United Kingdom, If you're a BT Corporate Business customer BT Corporate Business Services Nexus House Senhouse Road Yarm Road Industrial Estate Darlington DL1 4YB United Kingdom. Average speed boost based on tests showing median uplift of 20mbps in download speeds (rounded to the nearest whole Mbps) over a 24 hour period. Get Fibre 38 for 19.95/month (was 29.95). Based on what way we need to get the fibre service to your property you will have an option to choose the highest speed possible. We will let you know - we can check what is and isn't live within your location and identify the quickest and best way to provide your service. Standard prices apply from month 25. So, you know youre on a plan you can count on. You can always sign up with a new provider in anticipation of your scheduled end date. From the Minimum Speed Guarantee, our Always Connected Guarantee with the Hybrid Backup service, and our Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee, we make sure our customers are fully protected from any faults at all times. 5. Ive lost my Office 365 admin log in details. To remove a line or item from your order, select the appropriate line and click the red 'cancel this line' button. Not available on fibre. Commitments to keep your business thriving. Manage your bill quickly and easily with the BT Business App Download the BT Business app from the App Store or Google Play today, or scan the QR code to download directly. Full engineer job list can be found here:BT Expert Setup. Please note that supplementary terms are set out in theBT Price Listand they may form part of the contract for the relevant product or service. 09:47 PM. Well work with you to develop a tailored package that meets your needs, from super-fast 5G to hardware and devices to keep your whole team connected, no matter where theyre working from. Now, the responsibility for managing the switch lies with the provider to whom a customer is switching. Your digital phone line will not be compatible currently with restaurant and takeaway systems used to remember customers details or previous orders on the back of a telephone or online order. If you are following the Cease and Re-provide process, then youll need to contact your current supplier for advice on any charges that you may be liable for. Only available in mainland UK. Managed websites (BT Marketing solutions). If you'd prefer to write to us, you'll need to include your name, address,account numberand mobile number to cancel a mobile account. You can find the Customer Compensation Scheme in Part C of the schedule and this sets out the Service Care Levels that apply to the different Calls and Lines services. New customers only. Please click on the boxes below for information on your compliance obligations, our privacy policy, We'll need to ask you some questions to verify your identity, so please have youraccount number ready when you call, youll find this on your bill. Offer available 06/03/23 08/05/23. Get Fibre 38 for 19.95/month (was 29.95). Here's the address: If you have BT Business Landline or BT Business Broadband BT plc PO Box 334 Sheffield S98 1BT This depends on a number of factors, so we can't give you an exact timeframe, however you should expect to receive this usually within 7 days of your full service going live . Customer Service Compensation SchemePDF 334KB - This Scheme and terms apply only to customers who ordered the legacy products on or after 30 October 2010. Its unusual for additional fees to be levied on top, which makes calculating likely exit costs easy. If you don't want to share the network with anyone else, and need faster connectivity, then our leased line service providing dedicated internet access might be for you. Connect your people and places with smart solutions tailored to your business. The UK's telecoms industry is changing and were moving on to full fibre; this means that the old way to make calls over a traditional phone line must change and soon all calls will be made over the internet. Were powered by EE, voted the UKs number one mobile network for seven years running. details. 240 saving based on standard price of 29.95/month over a 2-year contract. If your Complete Wi-Fi still fails to provide a strong signal, you will be entitled to cancel the Complete Wi-Fi add-on during the guarantee period and claim a refund of up to a maximum of 6 months previous Charges for the Complete Wi-Fi add-on. You must return all Wi-Fi Discs to BT. Well, no one called. The estimates take into account congestion on the network at these times. Calls and Lines Packages Schedule to the General TermsPDF 160KB, BT Business Plan (Customer Based and Lite)PDF 149KB, Conditions for BT Business ServicesPDF 112KB, Service Schedule for Starter and Professional PacksPDF 163KB, Service Schedule for EasyStoreMakerPDF 100KB, Web Hosting & PC Security Bundle Terms & ConditionsPDF 65KB, Web Hosting with BT PC Security & PC Back Up Bundles Terms & ConditionsPDF 67KB, Service schedule for Internet Services BundlesPDF 88KB, BT Business Lite Web Hosting and Business Email Lite powered by Microsoft Office 365PDF 1.25MB, Service Schedule for BT Web StarterPDF 381KB, Service Schedule for BT Web ManagerPDF 285KB, Service Schedule for BT Web ExpertPDF 285KB, Service Schedule for BT Search MarketingPDF 169KB, Service Schedule for BT Website ManagerPDF 175KB, BT Directories / BT Customer street / BT UFindUs migrated to BT Web Starter / BT Web Manager / BT Web ExpertPDF 393KB, BT Web Basic / BT Web Standard / BT Web Standard Plus migrated to BT Web Starter / BT Web Manager / BT Web ExpertPDF 281KB. The following documents make up your contract for BT Cloud Voice and Cloud Voice SIP-T: - BT Cloud Voice and Cloud Voice SIP-T Schedule to the General Terms; - Presentation Number Service Option Annex to the BT Cloud Voice and Cloud Voice SIP-T Schedule. Lost or stolen: Call immediately, and we'll bar your phone so it can't make calls. Get help cancelling call divert, forwarding and voicemail. If your Complete Wi-Fi still fails to provide a strong signal, you will be entitled to cancel the Complete Wi-Fi add-on during the guarantee period and claim a refund of up to a maximum of 6 months' previous Charges for the Complete Wi-Fi add-on. You can confirm your broadband contract start date by logging into your online business customer account, or by studying the small print in any paperwork you received when the service began. Mobile costs may vary. The contract for customers ordering BT Business Broadband products on or after 15th September 2014 is made up of: the General Terms - which you can find under the General Terms sub menu above; the BT Business Broadband Schedule to the General Terms - you can find the latest terms below. If you ordered your BT Business Broadband before 26th November 2018 please refer to the Legacy dropdown below for your terms; Next Day Connection Annex to the BT Business Broadband Schedule; BT Business Broadband, Superfast, Ultrafast and Hyperfast Schedule to the General Terms for Complete WiFi and Hybrid Backup for Customers joining and resigning from 28 March 2022(if ordered on or after 28 March 2022) PDF 323KB, Value Added Services Annex for BT Business Broadband, Superfast and Ultrafast SchedulePDF 168KB, Next Day Connection Annex to the BT Business Broadband SchedulePDF 144KB, Please note that the Charges Schedule is no longer used. If you ordered your BT Business Broadband before 28th March 2022 please refer to the Legacy dropdown below for your terms; Value Added Services Annex to the BT Business Broadband Schedule - you can find the latest terms below. The bundle terms below apply if you have ordered the Flexible Worker Bundle. To make sure you can take your landline number with you, ask your new provider if theyre able to make this transfer. If you've more than one mobile, you'll need to tell us whether you want to cancel some or all of them. The following documents make up your contract for the Calls and Lines Packages: - the Calls and Lines Packages Schedule to the General Terms which you can find below; - the Annex to the Calls and Lines Packages Schedule for the specific Calls and Lines Package which you can find below; say otherwise in your other contract documents; or. Yes, other more traditional 3rd party products like fax, franking, gate entry, magnified bells used in warehouses and loud environments, older alarm/card payment/care/lift that may rely on a traditional (PSTN) phone line should be checked before purchase. The speed ranges we show are estimates based on business peak time between 12.00 and 14.00. This one can be tricky to prove, however. on Broadband only, but superfast! This BT Business Acceptable Use Policy applies to all BT products that you use for business and forms part of your contract with us unless specifically stated otherwise in the contract. Got up to 250 employees? Pay your bill now with a debit/credit card. By signing up to Cloud Voice Express your existing BT PSTN service will terminate. Depending on your site and subject to any survey, you may incur excess construction charges see Section 45, Part 1 of the BT Price List found New customers only. All calls or texts charged as per your BT Business Mobile plan. If you're looking to leave BT, our experts are online Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00. details. Price excludes 20% VAT. The Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee will cover the main building at your site, but will not cover any Broadband faults or any outbuildings or extra sites. Unfortunately, the virgin installation wasn't as simple as we hoped (being a new building) and it will take 3/4 weeks before they can come back. View all small & medium business solutions, Cyber attacks don't come with friendly warnings, The Future is Now: Step up your cyber-security, Save time, manage your account, and check your services at your fingertips. The Customer Service Compensation Scheme is contained at Part C of the BT Business Broadband Schedule. Make sure you're always connected with mobile, broadband, phone systems and more. Choose your leased line plan Compare leased line pricing and find the best fit for your business. Application for Change of Cottage - & Small - Scale Industry License. 01:30 PM. Weve updated our BT Business privacy policy. BT would rather you stayed, so it's possible you will be offered a discount or an upgraded package as an incentive to remain. Tracking your BT Business order online MiCloud UC and CC order enquiries: 0800 345 7984 Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 MiCloud and MiCloud Advance order enquiries: 0800 181 556 Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 All other order enquiries: 0800 800 152 Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00 i Track your order online - no need to call Popular FAQs Phone opening hours are: Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm Saturday, 8am to 8pm Sunday, 9am to 6pm Notification We'll always notify you when your contract ends. Engineer can refuse entrance onto site if they feel unsafe at any time. Five Willows Farm, Old Thrapston Road, Cranford,Northamptonshire, NN14 4AW, UK, ISDN Phase out: Your Five Alternative options. So now despite doing everything I was told by BT (giving notice, getting a callback, calling back), I am looking at the prospect of being without internet for my business until the end of January. What's the difference between business compared to residential? T&Cs apply. Whether you need advice on your business broadband contract or want to compare quotes. How do I know I am placing the right order? The final part of your contract is the terms that are specific to your All information previously contained in the Charges Schedule is now atSection 52, Part 6 of the BT Price List. Firstly, apologies about the lack of reply - I have been on leave and this should have been picked up sooner, so I apologise about that. All-inclusive phones are only supplied with digital phone line packages. App is for your personal, non-commercial use in the UK. This helps to avoid us processing a half completed order which may cause you further inconvenience. Discover wholesale, strategic digital transformation, designed for your business and its wider goals. All monthly prices shown increase from April 2024 with inflation, plus 3.9%. (read more about VoIP). For full terms and conditions, please refer to the BT Business Broadband, Superfast,Ultrafast andHyperfastSchedule to the General Terms. How long does it take to get BTnet up and running? Cloud Voice Express appThe Cloud Voice Express app requires the latest iOS or Android operating system and an internet connection. 3. Track your order online - no need to call, Best if you're on your mobile These services are: PSTN, ISDN, Featureline, Featureline Compact, Featureline Corporate and Embark. *not 7 days after receiving your Hybrid Backup device. What will happen with my new digital phone line if I move? Offer available 03/04/23 08/05/23. The following documents make up your contract for Cloud Work Service: - Cloud Work Schedule to the General Terms; - RingCentral Development Platform Annex to the BT Cloud Phone Schedule and Cloud Work Schedule; - if applicable, the Cloud Work Contact Centre Annex to the Cloud Work Schedule; Cloud Work Contact Centre,Annex to the Cloud Work SchedulePDF 229KB. I can't find the MiCloud User Portal link what should I do? BT has the right to cease your number in certain circumstances. Until your order completes, it will remain available for cancellation or amendment within the 'Orders/returns' section of your 'My Dabs' account. BT Business Services Telephone Service Phone Calls and Lines (PSTN, ISDN, Featureline, Featureline Compact, Embark and Featureline Corporate) Schedule to the General TermsPDF 360KB, Your terms for our Calls and/or Lines Packages. 7 Cancellation. You can call us: Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm Saturday 8am to 8pm Sunday 9am to 6pm I want to cancel one or more of my services: From a landline: 0800 783 1401 From outside the UK: +44 150 174 7714 I just want to cancel my BT Mobile service: From a landline: 0800 389 8414 From outside the UK: +44 150 174 7714 Was this answer helpful? A digital phone line is simply a 'line' to make and receive calls like youve always done, but the technology to do so is via your broadband/fibre connection. We've summarised the key changes on thefollowing page, where you can also find a copy of the clause that will be incorporate into our legacy terms for the products listed above. Based on your address well either supply you with Fibre that comes to your property via a cabinet and copper or full fibre. Whatever industry youre in, weve got tailored solutions to help your people work smarter. What is the BT Cloud Phone portal and how do I access it? Cancellation fees if you leave your contract early Click the button and choose a domain technical enquiry form. BT Business broadband is ideal for businesses who need more from their internet service, such as powering VoIP phone systems, hosting websites, sharing files between locations quickly and securely, or keeping a large enterprise running harmoniously without dips in connectivity. You can alsoview any new or amended termsfor regulated products and services that have been notified to Ofcom. The following documents make up your contract for your Managed Services: -the Retail Connect Schedule to the General Terms found here; - theManaged Services Schedule to the General Terms found here; 1) one of the underlying network products (Associated Services) set out below; or, 2) for all other underlying network products, the terms can be foundhereor under Products on this BT Business Terms and Conditions page, Associated Services Annexes for Managed Service, Intelligent Connectivity with VMWare Service Annex PDF 236KB, BT Managed Firewall Security Service Annex PDF 350KB, Managed Embedded Security Controls Service Annex PDF 344KB, Managed Cloud Connect Service Annex PDF 171KB, BT Managed Endpoint Security Microsoft Service Annex PDF 232KB, BT Managed Service Voice - MiCloud UC & MiCloud CC Annex to the Managed Service Schedule PDF 124KB, BT Managed Cloud Security (Zscaler) AnnexPDF 173KB, BT Managed Fortinet SD-WAN AnnexPDF 290KB. The following documents make up your contract for BT Cloud Voice Express: BT Cloud Voice Express Schedule to the General Terms for Customers joining and resigning prior to 28 March 2022PDF 233KB, BT Cloud Voice Express Schedule to the General Terms for Customers joining and resigning from 28 March 2022PDF 235KB, Voice Calling with Microsoft TeamsPDF 273KB. Simply hang up the call and call back within each hour. The standard monthly price shown will increase from April every year beginning on 01 April 2024 by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year plus 3.9%. See your terms and conditions for more information found the IP Communications heading. The lead time for Broadband to be connected with a line is around 14 working days, but if you have Hybrid Backup, you can get connected and soon as the following day via EEs network. Hassle-free ways to help yourself without picking up your phone. From networking solutions to link your locations, to security systems to protect your business, were here to help you kickstart your digital transformation. I can't send or receive emails, what should I do? How do I set up or cancel call diverts on a HiPath DX? Other cookies can be turned off, although our website won't work as well without them. Please note that as of 29 November 2020, Early Termination Charges are subject to VAT. Once you have the goods in your possession, you can apply for a returns number. we provide you with a different set of standard terms. How do I reset my MiCloud voicemail passcode? The fastest way to get help is to use live chat. So you can browse and download everything you need without ever slowing down. From the outstanding orders shown, simply choose the order you wish to cancel or change by clicking the 'view order' button. 09:00 - 17:00. Going back to work? You can do this if the speed of your broadband connection is slower than the minimum guaranteed download speed you were quoted when you signed up to the service. We've summarised the key changes on the following page, where you can also find a copy of the clause that will be incorporate into our legacy terms for the products listed above.". To add an extra product to your order, you will need the product in your basket first. Can I use an EPOS system with a digital line? Conditions for BT Business ServicesPDF 268KB, Service Schedule for BT Business Broadband Access ServicePDF 238KB. You can use BT Express to request a change to your existing business tax account. The bundle terms below apply if you have ordered a bundle service that consists of any of the following - BT Business Broadband, BT Business Call Essentials, BT Cloud Voice Express and BT Business Services (Telephone Service - PSTN). Most broadband contracts lock business customers in for a minimum term of 12 to 24 months. Do I get a discount on mobiles if I buy one of your bundles? If youre using a BT Connect mailbox, you'll need tomake sure you update your mail client settings. Head to the BT website and log in Click 'Your products' and then 'BT Sport' Under 'Your BT Sport', click 'Manage' under the relevant subscription Enter your details to verify the account and there will be an option to cancel your subscription We can only provide technical advice to customers who have a maintenance contract. 1. How to cancel call diversion using your handset Press # followed by the divert code Press # Checking call divert is on using your handset Press * then # Type the divert code followed by # Costs for using call diversion The diverted part of your call is charged at our standard dialling rates. Offer ends 8 May 2023. Unfortunately you're using an unsupported browser. If you have three or more Wi-Fi Discs, you can request for a BT engineer to visit your Site to maximise performance. As standard, our broadband customers can get up to 10 off up to 5 BT Mobile plans when they buy Broadband and Mobile together. Please see minimum guaranteed download speed for more information. Please click on the links below for information on GDPR, our privacy policy and your compliance obligations: GDPR clause for existing customers (pre 25 May 2018) and FAQs and Product Info. If you want to cancel an order after it's been despatched, you'll need to wait until it's been fully delivered to you. I couldn't get through to them on time. The first part of your contract is terms that are general to all of BT's standard products. If you feel that the service ceased off due to bad service however I would recommend getting back to our order management team and raising a complaint for that - whilst they may not be able to reprovide the service, they can investigate if malpractive led to your line ceasing off when you had requested it not to cease- and if that is indeed the case then there may be some sort of goodwill we can offer. In addition the following documents may also apply: Solution Terms for 4G Public Wifi in BoxPDF 182KB, Solution Terms for Additional Network EquipmentPDF 175KB, Solution Terms for BlackBerry for BusinessPDF 168KB, Solution Terms for Complete MobilityPDF 124KB, Solution Terms for Connected VehiclePDF 168KB, Solution Terms for Customised AppsPDF 165KB, Solution Terms for Lone Worker from EE (Peoplesafe)PDF 169KB, Solution Terms for Lone Worker SIM Only Service PlanPDF 144KB, Solution Terms for Mobile Device ManagementPDF 135KB, Solution Terms for Mobile Secure Data Management (Jamf)PDF 136KB, Solution Terms for Mobile Voice VPNPDF 166KB, Solution Terms for On-site Support (Employees Transferring)PDF 159KB, Solution Terms for On-site Support (No-Employees Transferring)PDF 153KB, Solution Terms for Samsung Knox for EnterprisePDF 216KB, Solution Terms for Service Add-OnsPDF 268KB, Solution Terms for Service Relationship ManagementPDF 371KB, Solution Terms for 4G Office Signal Assist(PDF 128KB), Solution Terms for Signal BoosterPDF 103KB, Solution Terms for Tailored End to EndPDF 360KB, Solution Terms for Tailored Set UpPDF 256KB, Solution Terms for Total Resource (Employees Transferring)PDF 390KB, Solution Terms for Total Resource (No Employees Transferring)PDF 381KB, Ofcom General Condition 1.3 Additional InformationPDF 138KB, Ofcom General Condition 1.3 Additional InformationPDF 128KB, For IT Services, these General Terms will applyPDF 266KB, IT Services Annex to the Purchased Equipment SchedulePDF 179KB, Business Review Consulting SchedulePDF 165KB, Collaboration Adoption Service SchedulePDF 266KB, Design and Implementation SchedulePDF 209KB, iNlife Managed Security SchedulePDF 227KB, Network Assessment Service SchedulePDF 169KB, Service Delivery Management SchedulePDF 161KB. We are closing the company and we will be cancelling our direct debits. 0800 & 0808 - Free from UK numbers Do you get a phone included on traditional phone packages? If BT don't need or want the money then the direct debit will be cancelled. Wi-Fi calling requires a compatible device and Wi-Fi connection. Or text App to 81192 to download straight to your device. All industries must align to the UK's telecoms evolution to digital so products are currently available now.

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