These bms that refuse to move on or heal are the worst!" A judge then cleared the courtroom let the two have 20 minutes together. My sanctuary ABOUT, Home | About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy, 2022 Gossip On This LLC. Im filled with gratitude., To my brother who is the Key to Life To my brother whos strength is unmatched To my brother who is honorable To my brother who keeps his word To my brother who puts integrity before anything To my brother who is the Color of Love To my brother who has the empathy and compassion of God To my brother who seeks the Truth and nothing less To my brother who is who he says he is To my brother who does what he says he will do To my brother who has lived purposefully To my brother who always listens To my brother who has the massive capacity to understand To my brother who keeps me safe To my brother who embraces the new and unknown To my brother who has immense Power To my brother who dismisses fear To my brother who lives in the spirit To my brother who Eternal To my brother who is the Trees and the Ocean To my brother who is his children, his mother, his father, his brother, his woman To my brother who is me I will step into the path you have created I will find what you have found And we will be at home again FOREVER YOUR BABY SISTER/60th STREET SAMANTHA I LOVE YOU BEYOND WHAT LOVE ENTAILS Big thank you @imxtana for this piece Im filled with gratitude, A post shared by I heal (@babyyhairz) on Jun 18, 2019 at 1:37pm PDT. The death of Nipsey Hussle is still echoing through the chambers of the entertainment world as well as those around him, and it looks like it is going to have some serious implications. But things are pretty difficult for Emani, apparently. While there have been lots of arguments from both sides, it is hard to say that sending her to live with his family is an inappropriate decision. I LOVE YOU BEYOND WHAT LOVE ENTAILS, she wrote. "Screaming happy cake day to you, my love," she. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); WHO WE AREThe news you want unfiltered.The Electronic Urban Report/EUR puts the most buzz worthy African American news at your fingertips. According to The Blast, #tanishafoster aka Chyna Hussle Is fighting for Custody of the daughter she shares with #nipseyhussle. It was captured by The Jasmine Brand. Nipsey Hussle was shot to death outside his Marathon clothing store in Los Angeles. Subscribe to Newsletter Eric Holder, an aspiring rapper who knew Hussle, is accused of being the gunman. Email In Touch at Before he and Lauren London got together, Nipsey Hussle spent his time with Chyna Hussle, the mother of his daughter, Emani. Why is Tanisha hanging and banging with Nipsey Hussle's killer - Eric Holder? Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.Join this channel to get access to perks: Cell phone videos busted too many cops committing abuse against young ninjaz. Was she mad because Emani loves Lauren London as well? Meanwhile, Lauren London will have the control of her son, Kross Asghedoms $1 million estate. Emani posted her video to IG Live and explained that her mother had put her out of the house, while she was cleaning and wasnt allowed to go back inside until she was done. one other hit back at the critics. Its almost 4 years of him being gone so just think how I feel, she explained. About To have been through the trenches w/ the nigga and raise his first born and only daughter.. yall know how girls be about their daddies! Lauren Londons Kids: Meet Kameron & Kross, Who She Shares With Lil Wayne & Late Nipsey Hussle, Click to Subscribe to Get Our Free HollywoodLife Daily Newsletter, T.I. Sis knew what it was. Did Tanisha use her damsel in distress persona to convince Eric to murder? Sisters' Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman's Divorce. Registry of Corporate Directors. That should tell you something. It was London, Nipseys current partner, who was center stage at the memorial service with Nipseys children, including his daughter with Tanisha and Londons son with Lil Wayne. She went on to recall her last phone conversation with Hussle, which she said happened shortly before he was fatally shot on March 31, 2019. 884 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'chynahussle' hashtag 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Is a Proud Mom of 14: See Her Kids Today! In Touch Weekly is part of the a360media Entertainment Group.Copyright a360media 2023. 1. 18 Followers, 136 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chyna hussle (@husslechyna) Make A Statement. Tanisha 'Chyna Hussle' Foster - Emani Asghedom *As you know, yesterday was the first anniversary of slain hip hop star Nipsey Hussle. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS* Nipsey's ex goes by the pseudonym on her social media pages, including Instagram, where she has over 100,000 followers. Tanisha was emotional at the end of the hearing, and claimed ithad been months since she spent time with her daughter. Kodak Black Apologizes to Nipsey Hussle for Trying to Shoot His Shot at Lauren London After Nipseys Death: I Never Meant to Disrespect Your Nipsey Hussle 2020 Grammys Tribute Brings Together Meek Mill, Roddy Ricch, YG, DJ Khaled, John Legend & Kirk Franklin, Lizzo, Beyonc & Nipsey Hussle Win Grammy Awards During 2020 Grammys Pre-Show, Will Smith, Deon Taylor, Jason Lee, Draymond Green, Joseph Sikora, DaBaby & More on the Red Carpet of Emancipation Premiere in Los Angeles. She also implied that her mother normally puts her out while she cleans and takes hours to clean. Some fans believe that Tanisha Asghedom (Chyna Hussle), the mother of Nipsey Hussle's daughter, should be remembered more in the wake of his death. She didnt live with her at the time of Nipseys passing, and she lived with him. Hollywood Life Economic Equity & Racial Justice Townhall Series, Elevate Black Podcast sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, 100 Founders of Change by American Express, Chasing Success Podcast by JP Morgan Chase, Black Business Month Sponsored by Nationwide, 2022 Registry Of Corporate Directors Listing, 2021 BE Registry Of Corporate Directors Listing. #ChynaHussle on Instagram LIVE CreoleKisses DiaryTV 7.97K subscribers Subscribe 7.4K views 2 years ago Subscribe for more videos / creolekissesdiarytv CreolekissesDiaryTv is a Media News. It's been over two years since Nipsey Hussle passed away, but people cannot stop speaking about him. In a relationship., Tanisha appears to have moved on, at least as judged by her social media pictures. Now Emani is currently living with her mother. Did Tanisha Chyna put the battery in Erics back to gas him up? Did she pull the trigger by bashing her baby daddy, and talking down on him? Prayers to Emani, and Lauryn and Tanisha, A woman concurred, writing on Twitter, Everybody heart is screaming for Lauren London but what about Tanisha Asghedom ? I met him in my teens and he been my roll dog ever since. Chyna Hussle/Tanisha Asghedom Goes Live On IG #nipseyhussle #chynahussle #whatstheteasis 27,381 views May 28, 2019 271 Dislike Share Save What's The Tea Sis? Currently his family is in cha. The situation around the daughter of the late Nipsey Hussle, 10-year-old Emani Asghedom, has finally concluded, although it may not be the conclusion most were expecting. LongLiveNip? A gentle father, a patient leader, a divine light. London then read from a text that she once gave to Hussle just a couple months before he was shot: I want you to know I feel real joy in my heart when Im around you. 1. Hollywood Life, Latest Hollywood Celebrity & Entertainment News. Muah, I LOVE YOU ERMY.. However, one thing is clear she will do her best to guide Kross and manage his wealth until he is old enough to take over. To my brother who always listens To my brother who has the massive capacity to understand A bone chilling coincidence? day hope your ugly ass enjoy your day, A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle) on Aug 15, 2018 at 7:53am PDT. Any doubt I had went out the window after watching that ladys live the other night., Day out with Auntie Sammy We Love You #thehussleway #themarathonclothing #tmc #nipseyhussle #LLNH #highernipseyhussle #bluelaces2 #victorylap #nipseyhussleforever ##wemissyounipsey #losangeles #hussleandmotivate #hussleandboog #racksinthemiddle #allmoneyin #allmoneyinnomoneyout #NipseyHussleCentral #samanthasmith #khalil##nipseyhusslethagreat #kinghussle #naybahoodnip #emaniasghedom #themarathoncontinues, A post shared by RIP KING ERMIAS ASGHEDOM (@_nipseyhussle_fp) on Oct 1, 2019 at 9:48am PDT, This fourth comment read: The case isnt about her not seeing her child; its about her welfare and the wealth shes about to endure Shes worth two million, and half his estate goes to him and the primary caregiver.shes not in a good place to be over that much money, Your email address will not be published. Tanisha Foster, who is Nipsey Hussle's baby mama, has decided to speak out for the first time about the late rapper and her status with Lauren London. Constitutional law.All our videos comply with youtube guidelines and other platform guidelines.Subscribe to my channel!Go to For business or bookings call 404-590-3474 or email zonexproductions@gmail.comFollow Wali Da Great Website videos fall under youtube guidelines and falls for under news commentator/reviews purpose. CHYNA HUSSLE Speaks On NIPSEY HUSSLE "When I Post Him It's a Problem" . Her IG name. Tanisha Asghedom, the mother of Nipsey Hussles oldest child, publicly mourned the slain rapper for the first time since his death. Tanisha was picked up for a DUI in Los Angeles a few years ago according to TMZ. She's also known as Chyna Hussle. Stand Out. From Los Angeles, California London was featured with the actor in recent GQ Magazine profiles, at events, and, again, at the memorial surrounded by Hussles children. According to Foster, she was one of the last people to speak to Hussle before he was killed outside his Marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles: I wish I was there I wouldve took those bullets, Foster wrote. My soul. Nipsey Hussle's ex Tanisha Foster took to Instagram to write a sweet message in honor of what would have been the late rapper's 34th birthday. A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle) on May 29, 2018 at 12:37pm PDT, In 2017, Tanisha wrote with a picture of the Asghedoms, This has been my family what the fucc u thought Ill always have there bac now go tell that., This has been my family what the fucc u thought I'll always have there bac now go tell that, A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle) on Aug 28, 2017 at 12:27pm PDT, In 2016, she posted a throwback photo, writing, When I was pregnant with Emani Dior 2008 her baby shower., When I was pregnant with Emani Dior 2008 her baby shower, A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle) on Aug 30, 2016 at 7:47pm PDT. Foster, who welcomed a daughter with Hussle, took to her Instagram Story Monday to express how much she misses the slain rapper. She also unveiled a tattoo of Nipseys face on her arm. Currently his family is in charge of her guardianship in regards to custody and inheritance from his estate and she is trying to fight back. Nipsey Hussle's daughter Emani's mother Tanisha Asghedom has a picture with his killer Eric Holder aka shitty cuz, same tattoos. Dont Miss A Story. Migos Rapper Takeoff Dead at 28 After Being Shot & Killed in Houston, BET Hip Hop Awards 2022 Celebrity Cypher Photos: Reginae Carter, DJ Envy, Tyler Lepley, Rasheeda, Pinky Cole & More, Gangstas Paradise Rapper Coolio Dead at 59. Legal proceedings about the custody over the rapper's daughter were just concluded, and it turns out that his ex, Chyna Hussle real name Tanisha Foster, will . She was lost in Zetas are capturing migrants selling them for $2500. Tanisha is the mother of Nipseys oldest child, 10-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom. The fact that she also goes by "Chyna Hussle" and "Tanisha Asghedom" as her Instagram and Facebook names also made people feel a type of way. Some fans are upset that more attention isnt being placed on Tanisha Asghedom, the mother of Nipsey Hussles daughter, Emani. Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to Our Newsletter Now! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); latest celebrity news, rumors and insider reports, Sign up for the latest celebrity news delivered to your inbox daily. BLACK ENTERPRISE is the premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for African Americans. For the past few weeks, Chyna Hussle also known as Tanisha Asghedom has been in and out of court fighting with Hussle's sister, Samantha Smith, over her 10-year-old daughter, Emani Asghedom. The picture is old, but so what? Ahead of the four-year anniversary of Nipsey Hussles death, his ex, Tanisha Foster, aka Chyna Hussle, is publicly mourning his passing. Emani also claims that she was not allowed inside her home, or in her grandfathers home. One of them is none other than his ex and baby mama Tanisha Foster, who had split from the rapper years before his sudden and tragic death in a shooting in March 2019. !Disclaimer: The topics, views and opinions expressed in this video and on The Tiara Latrese Show Youtube Channel and Alien Gang Podcast Episodes are for entertainment/educational/reaction and commentary purposes only! Look, anything is possible once you understand COINTELPRO. Your Money, Your Life, LATEST LISTS Some people were not impressed by Chyna's claim, seeing her post as disrespectful toward Lauren London, who was Nipsey's girlfriend at the time of his passing. Heres How It Can Help You Nab Your Next Job. God bless Tanisha, the mother of Nipseys first child. The post shows a tribute to Nipsey Hussle. A fourth user claimed, "I bet this girl gave Lauren hell. Did Nipseys growth and positive transition break them up? Tanisha Foster, an ex of the late Nipsey Hussle, has lost custody of their daughter. "Please girl not today," one person told the mother of Emani Asghedom, whom she shared with Nipsey. *As you know, yesterday was the first anniversary of slain hip hop star Nipsey Hussle. Love you, baby., Meanwhile, Samantha got a tattoo almost three months after Nipseys untimely death. She already lost a dad why wouldnt you want her to have a great relationship with her mom! They supposedly was together for 10 years. Mani In The Kitchen, Being Taught How To Cook By Auntie Sammy @babyyhairz #ermiasasghedom #ermias #marathonclothing #themarathoncontinues #nipseythegreat #nipseyandlauren #nipseyhusslesquare #neighborhoodnip #slauson #slausonandcrenshaw #slausonave #tmc #nipseyhussle #naybahoodnip #nipseyhussleforever #nipsey #nipseyhusslequotes #nipseyblue #ripnipsey #ripnip #nipseyhustle #nipseyhusslerip #allmoneyin #allmoneyinnomoneyout #laurenlondon #longlivenipsey #longlivenipseyhussle #blaccsam #naybahoodnip #victorylap #krossasghedom, A post shared by (@iampennyaiko) on Oct 1, 2019 at 3:04am PDT. All Rights Reserved, Please note that this form cannot be used to reset your Google, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). . Asghedom broke her silence over the weekend with a simple, yet poignant message to her former love. #6. Another elaborated why Chyna's "allowed to express her feelings," arguing, "she was with him when he was in his darkest days in the streets . We know because she posted a video telling what happened to her. Im sure they had a lot of great memories regardless of them not being together before his death. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); "no ma'am!!!" #FreeJT or back to food-stamps and Wic for Caresha Brownlee. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and that you have read our Privacy Policy. LA-based Host/Writer. She has a troubled past plagued with arrests. In July, she uploaded a picture of the two of them together, writing, I miss you, Ermy., Lauren, 34, has also been vocal about how much she misses her man. Before he and Lauren London got together, Nipsey Hussle spent his time with Chyna Hussle, the mother of his . Tanisha still uses Nipsey Hussles last name on social media; she goes by Tanisha Asghedom (Hussles real last name) on Facebook and Chyna Hussle on Twitter. Her caption read: "@chynahussle Screaming happy cake day to you my love wish u were here so I could celebrate with you muah I LOVE YOU ERMY" 4. Dont nobody acknowledge the first baby mom so I wanna send my condolences to sis as well. 353 Followers, 725 Following, 7 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chyna Hussle (@ms_chyna_hussle) I feel safe around you. 2. Her record also includes two arrests more than ten years ago, including suspicion of vandalism, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace. Tanisha and Husslewhose birth name was Ermias Asghedomwere in a serious relationship for several years that began prior to Hussles fame. In 2013, a friend of Tanishas wrote on her Facebook page, I dont not dislike nipps I just hate how he treat tanisha., A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle) on Feb 20, 2019 at 8:06am PST. She broke down in tears after custody was granted to Nipseys sister. ", Some others, however, thought that Chyna has the right to make such claim since she did have a history with Nipsey. Some reminded the world to think of Tanisha too. 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And knowing Lauren and how peaceful she is , she wouldn't condone bashing her. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Im uplifting eternal prayers for her as well. However, Nipseys sister, Samantha Smith, filed for custody of Emani, claming that her biological mother wasnt a fit parent. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. I miss my childs father I wish he was here to see my accomplishments, she wrote. Dwayne Johnson Talks About The Change Black Adam Will Bring To DCEU In Detail, Comedienne MoNique Addresses Rumors Of Her Replacing Nene Leakes On RHOA Porsha Williams Chimes In, Anti-Donald Trump Republican Nicolle Wallace Is Dating Michael S. Schmidt Amid Divorce Rumors From Husband, Mark. Looks Good & Really Scary! She birthed the mans whole child , she will always be tied to him no matter who likes it . Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Heiress, 3, Giving Nipsey Hussle Some Love, Nipsey Hussles Ex Tanisha Leaves Court Furious After His Sister Gets Custody Of His Daughter, Honey Boo Boo, 17, Shares Glamorous Senior Photos Ahead Of Her High School Graduation, Lauren Londons Kids: Meet Kameron & Kross, Who She Shares With Lil Wayne & Late Nipsey Hussle, Celebrity Exes Who Are Getting Divorce & Co-Parenting Right, Jennifer Anistons Haircare Brand, LolaVie, Is the Secret to Her Silky, Shiny Strands, What Is the STAR Interview Method? She also adopted his stage name, choosing to go by Chyna Hussle.. Tanisha Foster split with the late rapper Nipsey Hussle years ago, but is still intertwined with his family seeing as they share a daughter together. 22 April, 2019 Hollywood Times. Instagram Lauren herself has not commented on the situation so far, and it might take a while for her to make a statement at this point. Will Downing on New Song Following Daughters Suicide, Advice Kandi Burruss Hustles Up KFC Ad Based on Scene Dr. Phil Calls Professors $350,000-Per-Person Reparations Idea an Absolute Four Tops Singer to Sue Racist Hospital: They Told Suge Knight Says Snoop Dogg and Harry-Os Death Row Barbies Racial Justice Dolls Continue Mattels Path Toward Representation Daveed Diggs Planned Twister Sequel with All-Black and Brown Laura Coates Unlikely to Host CNNs 11 p.m. Lives in Los Angeles, California Have a tip? Nipseys sister, Samantha Smith, brother Samiel Asghedom, and mother Angelique Smith have been appointed as guardians of Emani. 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Tanisha and Lauren are the mothers of his only children. London posted this message on Instagram about Nipsey Hussles death, and she spoke about her love for Nipsey at his memorial service on April 11. I spoke with him 30 minutes before [h]is death.. zone x entertainment 240K subscribers Subscribe Share 34K views 3 years ago NEW pictures. Nipsey appeared close to the couples child, Emani, his only daughter. Privacy Policy Bust after communication has become almost non existent and the family seems to favor #laurenlondon this has caused major issues and now she wants to ask for the guardianship to come to an end!Join this channel to get access to perks: TO MY 2nd Channel CROWNING GLORY ORACLE ME ON STATIONHEAD FOR ALIEN GANG RADIO THE TIARA LATRESE SHOW ON INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! 131k followers, 582 following, 35 posts - see Instagram photos and videos from chyna hussle (@chynahussle) Here's 5 things to know about the woman as she is forced to give up her child to Nipsey Hussle's sister. While it is not clear what she plans to do with the money and how she would direct the young man in his life, this is another move that has been met with acceptance from the rappers fans and many others. Prayers to Emani, and Lauryn and Tanisha ?? #GoingToMakeHimProud. Is Every Duggar Ridiculously Messy? To my brother who is the key to life, to my brother whos strength is unmatched, to my brother who is honorable, to my brother who keeps his word, to my brother who puts integrity before anything, to my brother who is the color of love, she captioned a photo of Nipseys face tattooed on her arm on June 19. Does this explain the last minute kick Shitty Cuz gave Nipsey after he domed him bra daylight in front of his own businesses? Nipsey Hussle, the rapper known for his work in the community and his album, Victory Lap, leaves behind two children from two serious relationships over the years. Lauren London shared a photo of a tattoo she got of Nipseys face on her arm after his death. Wrote another, directing a comment toward Chyna Hussles Twitter page: Im praying for you to just as well as lauren london you loved that man just as much as she did i dont care your still the mother of his child and have feelings as well they praise lauren to much but shes not the only one hurting behind this great loss?, A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle) on Dec 3, 2018 at 9:40am PST. *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. This was a decision that was seen as highly controversial by many, but others seem to agree with the situation as a whole. What is Tanishas association with Nipseys murderer, Eric Holder? Despite a few a trolls and being mostly overlooked by the media, some of Hussles fans and have taken the time show love and express their condolences to Asghedom on social media as she mourns the loss of her childs father. But, a true NYC native. The two welcomed their daughter in 2008. No copyright infringement intended. EVENTS (Video) Why Did Magic Johnson REALLY Quit? After Nipseys sister was given custody of Emani, support came rolling in from fans who felt that Tanisha should have been granted custody. A post shared by Nipsey Hussle (@nipseyhussle) on Feb 11, 2019 at 2:16am PST, In 2013, Tanisha wrote on Facebook, Im very beautiful I love my life and how I live it I move fast and yea b*tch my fist do do so dont judge its book by its cover I still have it in me hahahaha Im a lil older calmed down but dont test the waters u might drown., That same year, she shared a picture of Nipsey and wrote, What me and emani is the only one that can get him to smile hahaha.. You deserve love & prayers as well @chynahussle .. He left behind his daughter, Emani, and his son, Kross, whom he shared with his longtime partner, actress Lauren London. Unfortunately, something disturbing went down with. The mother of Nipsey Hussle's first child now goes by the aka Chyna Hussle, and she's making her longtime loyalty to the late West Coast rap star known. I live by my mission to Be Bold. None of the information presented in this video should be taken as fact and everything is alleged until proven otherwise.Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. He was the strongest man that I ever knew, she said. Women of Power Summit We can only imagine what the effect is gonna be like for Emani being around her mother, who isnt well. Nipsey Hussles ex Tanisha Foster took to Instagram to write a sweet message in honor of what would have been the late rappers 34th birthday. Marriage Boot Camp Exclusive Clip: Joseline Hernandez Unleashes Her Fury on DJ Ballistic Beats [WATCH], A post shared by chyna hussle (@chynahussle), TC Carson Reveals He Was Fired From Living Single for Speaking Out Against Unfair Cast Treatment [WATCH], Nick Cannon Completes Nipsey Hussles Documentary on Honduran Healer Dr. Sebi (Trailer). May 30, 2021. Required fields are marked *. Shes guilty of being a two faced scandalous BITCH . Jones was Police shooting unarmed black men is causing way too much attention. Always had a crush on him, she captioned a photo of Nipsey on July 17. She was sentenced to three years probation but after missing a court date for the case, her probation was revoked. There is no more complete source for urban news than the Electronic Urban Report. Wish you were here so I could celebrate with you. "This whole caption is disrespectful. R. Kelly Might Be Free Again After Receiving This Great News How Will Girlfriends Joycelyn Savage And Azriel Clary Handle This? Foster, who welcomed a daughter with Hussle, took to her . Will his getaway driver avoid accessory charges? They supposedly was together for 10 years. 240K subscribers Nipsey hussle baby mama chyna hussle dated nipsey hussle killer shitty cuz and pictures proved it on her ig according to mediaout lets my commentary will discuss the. Heres the full tweet: @Hits92FLL @IamLaurenLondon he told me he loves me today weekday about you lol now u can block me. As noted, Tanisha goes by the name Chyna Hussle on Twitter, where that message appeared. meadow market grill menu,

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