Myers went to UNCs campus every Wednesday to give the weather report for a joint student newscast called Carolina Week. The nearly two-and-a-half-minute video showed Mr. Myers cooking on the air, delivering the weather forecast and covering numerous news stories. During a news conference after the crash, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chief Johnny Jennings called Tayag a hero and said that his 'diversionary moves' saved countless lives. "And if that is truly the case, then that pilot is a hero to, in my eyes, make sure that the safety and security of those that were driving on the road was not in jeopardy.". Whoever the pilot was, did their best to put that thing down where it wasnt going to injure a lot of people, and in that respect, they did a fabulous job. He continued, It looked very aggressive, he said. Stacey provides traffic reports for WBTV news in the morning and delivers the weather forecast for the news at noon. Theyre on for 24 hours straight.. 'Our thoughts are with our friends at WBTV on the loss of Jason Myers and Chip Tayag. He'd wave from behind the pilot's chair of the helicopter," Boll said. He would bound through this newsroom with incredible energy and smiles and just cared about everybody here We are devastated.". Pictured: Chip Tayag and his wife, who he just celebrated his three year anniversary with in August. April 28, 2023. Deadly Charlotte helicopter crash: How do NTSB investigations work. Myers (pictured) was a North Carolina native and even 'watched WBTV as a child,' the station said in their statement Tuesday. Two dead in helicopter crash alongside North Carolina interstate. The incident claimed the lives of meteorologist Jason Myers and pilot Chip Tayag. Thats where we find our hope., Whisenant then quoted scripture from 2 Corinthians 5:8: To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.. This story was originally published November 23, 2022, 1:40 PM. Two lanes on I-85 South in Gaston County are closed Friday morning following a collision near US-321 near Mile Marker 15.3 Heading South, according to the NCDOT. WBTV's reporting partner, Axios Charlotte, also issued a public statement Tuesday calling Tayag, Myers, and the entire team at the station 'among the best human beings in the business.'. And if that truly is the case, then that pilot truly is a hero in my eyes to make the that the safety and security of those that were driving on the road were not in jeopardy., A witness told WCNC TV, I think that he absolutely knew that he was gonna have to put that down, the man said. 'Meteorologist Jason Myers and pilot Chip Tayag (pictured) lost their lives. Produced by Will Reid and Michael Simon Johnson. The television station, WBTV, identified those killed in the crash, which occurred around noon along southbound Interstate 77, as Jason Myers, a meteorologist, and Chip Tayag, a pilot. The smiling weatherman once twirled on an ice rink live on the air, bundled up to inform viewers about chilly temperatures. ", A clearly emotional Boll said "the words are hard to come by," adding that the station had been "holding onto this for a while.". 00:08 BST 23 Nov 2022 Hosted by Sabrina Tavernise. , updated News helicopter crashes are rare these days, partly because there are fewer aircraft in the air than there were in the early 2000s, but also because some high-profile crashes led to newsrooms increasing their safety standards. The station said it held back from reporting about the crash until just after 3 p.m. until the employees families had been notified. They included witness reports that Tayag prevented the helicopter from crashing onto Interstate-77 during a busy week of holiday travel. In 2009, the National Press Photographers Association endorsed recommendations that news helicopter pilots no longer report live while they are flying the helicopter, which was not uncommon at the time. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. According to his WBTV profile, "When hes off on-air, Jonathan is likely in the gym or sitting before a great meal at a local restaurant or on a plane heading to his next travel destination.". In the statement published by the local news station, Tayag had been a pilot for more than 20 years and 'was known in the company for being one of the best pilots and was constantly studying to make himself a better pilot.'. I knew right away he was gonna be good.. Writing in the pollen on the car or standing in front of the debris and making sure you guys understood it.. Fighting back tears during a broadcast, anchors Jamie Boll (pictured right) and Molly Grantham (pictured left) mourned their colleagues while providing updates as they received them. North Carolina State University meteorology, NC lawmakers drop language that would limit the number of high school athletic divisions, NC man pleads guilty to giving fentanyl to his 16-year-old girlfriend, killing her, Bride killed when driver hits wedding partys golf cart in SC beach town, cops say, Record number of inmates died in NC jails + Panthers make decisions on two key players, Best place for a summer vacation? "We just can't tell you the right words right now to tell you how much he meant to us and how much we are thinking of both of their families," Boll added. After working in a number of other television markets in the Southeast United States, he made the move to the Atlanta Storm Team in June of 2021. Mathis, whose antics have made him a YouTube star, landed a gig out west on Good Day Sacramento for the CW affiliate by the end of the year. Ms. Dornacker was taken to St. Vincents Medical Center where she was pronounced dead of drowning at 8:20 p.m. after prolonged efforts to revive her, said hospital spokeswoman Caroline McBride. As photos of the deceased were displayed on screen, Boll said he had seen Tayag earlier that morning on the helicopter pad as the pilot was waiting to pick up Myers. Our news helicopter Sky3 crashed mid-day Tuesday with two of our colleagues on board,' the statement read. Tayag, who had been a pilot for more than 20 years, joined WBTV in 2017. Tributes began pouring in late Tuesday afternoon from friends, coworkers, and even those who did not know the pair. This is the sole reason why I came here, to take this job. Hes really banking that helicopter around to get a shot of something. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZY) A meteorologist and a pilot were killed in a Tuesday afternoon helicopter crash in Charlotte, North Carolina. Roy Cooper of North Carolina called the crash a terrible tragedy for WBTV. A television news helicopter crashed along an interstate highway in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday, killing a meteorologist and a pilot for a local station, officials said. 'The WBTV family is grieving a terrible loss. The local news station confirmed the deaths of meteorologist Jason Myers (pictured right) and pilot Chip Tayag (pictured left) after the helicopter they were traveling in crashed along Interstate 77. 'Two lanes have reopened on I-77 southbound for commuters. [It] seems the pilot made some diversionary movies to avoid hitting traffic, CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings said. The day has come. In 1946 RCA imagined retired military helicopters delivering news on TV. In 2017, The Indianapolis Business Journal said, The history of news aircraft stretches back to 1940 when. Here are some top contenders, Human brains show larger-than-life activity at moment of death, Supreme Court to consider overruling Chevron doctrine, Tucker Carlson, on leaked video, derides Fox streaming service, Al Franken blasts Supreme Court: Its illegitimate, Senate rankings: Here are the 5 seats most likely to flip. By A news helicopter crash in North Carolina has taken the lives of two WBTV employees. Tayag explained how pilots make decisions in bad weather. or debate this issue live on our message boards. McCarthy to Russian reporter: I do not support what your country has done to Facebook agrees to pay $725M settlement: Whats the deadline to file a claim? "If that is truly the case then that pilot is a hero, in my eyes, to make sure the safety and security of those driving on the road was not in jeopardy.". Dana Bash will replace John King as the anchor of Inside Politics. King will report on voters in battleground states heading into the 2024 election. My last morning shift @WBTV_News with @jsrontv. drones delivered stunning images of Houston flooding after a hurricane and a new era of aerial journalism began to grow. Myers first broadcast meteorology gig was in Albilene, Texas in 2004 at KRBC-TV. @jsrontv is leaving us and on to an exciting adventure in Atlanta! It was the second crash this year for WNBC traffic reporter Jane Dornacker, 40, who swam to safety with another person in April after their helicopter plunged into the Hackensack River in New Jersey. In 1985, the company was grounded for 45 days for safety violations by the Federal Aviation Administration. The National Transportation Safety Board will also assist in the investigation into what lead to the crash and the WBTV employees' deaths. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Two people have died after a media helicopter associated with WBTV News crashed on Tuesday along Interstate 77 south of Charlotte, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Boll and Grantham spent at least 90 minutes providing live coverage before halting to confirm the deaths of Myers and Tayag, having made sure their families were notified. Both Myers and Tayag, the only two people onboard the plane, were confirmed dead by the Mecklenburg EMS Agency. We are hurting.'. And I think that's as we move forward. The crash occurred near Interstate 77 at the Nations Ford Road exit at around 12:20 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon,. WCNC Charlotte confirmed the helicopter belongs to WBTV, a local television news station. The broadcast did not cut away from a screen showing the pictures of Myers and Tayag for nearly two minutes as the anchors grappled with the news of their coworkers' deaths. Look at him, trying to make sure that everybody watching understood the intricacies of a delicate and involved forecast by being fun, by being positive, by giving the story, Grantham said during a segment on Tuesday night. He always cared about the job he was doing and strived to make all his passengers comfortable while covering the news in Charlotte,' Total Traffic and Weather Network said after his death. Some stations have turned to drones for the high-wide shots that they used to fly choppers to capture. At this time of Thanksgiving, please wrap your prayers and thoughts around the Myers family as we remember a man gone too soon.. Hey, folks, in case you missed it, I made a big announcement on QC Morning: I am leaving Charlotte, so that means I am leaving WBTV and my beloved QC Life family," Stacey said in the video posted by the show. Myers talent and passion for weather initially brought the North Carolina native to work as a weather observer at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in the early 2000s after he graduated from N.C. State. He had just landed and he was about to go back up. In a statement posted to their website Tuesday, the station said they are 'working to comfort their families' during this time. Your destination for buying luxury property in Grenoble, Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France. But then on his second pass, I knew that something was not right. Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, say that a WBTV pilot acted heroically when he guided his helicopter away from traffic as the aircraft crashed and killed both the pilot, Chip Tayag, and a station meteorologist, Jason Myers. We will have a moment of silence at tonight's Tree Lighting in their honor,' the team said in a tweet. It typically takes a new host a couple of dozen shows, at least, to settle in, but Psaki seems to be more than comfortable after only six. I don't butter up the dead, so when I say that Chip and Jason were two truly amazing men, I mean every word.Chip was ALWAYS cutting up and super patient when I was learning the ins and outs of Sky3.Jason was never in a foul mood. Want more stories like this from the Daily Mail? Pate, 30, was in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital where he underwent surgery for internal abdominal bleeding, said administrator Bill Allen. Wacky weatherman Mark Mathis was fired as cohost of FOX News Rising at the end of August 2010, leaving FOX Charlotte for the second time. Alex Slitz/The Charlotte Observer, via Associated Press. When he walked into the newsroom, everyones mouths turned to smiles. In January 2020, Tayag was on the air after NBA star Kobe Bryant died in a chopper crash. We are working to comfort their families in this difficult time. Al Tompkins is one of America's most requested broadcast journalism and multimedia teachers and coaches. Visit our profile page here and hit the follow button above for more of the news you need. Check out the results of our Popeyes vs. Bojangles biscuit poll, Charlotte-based SPX Technologies expanding HVAC business with $418M acquisition, Seeking answers. Family of WBTV meteorologist killed in helicopter crash files lawsuit, Charlotte meteorologist and pilot from WBTV killed in helicopter crash off Interstate 77, A final day of flying: hovering over uptown, South End and a deadly path along I-77, WBTV meteorologist Jason Myers wore a smile as he delivered Charlottes forecasts, He always made you feel safe. WBTV helicopter pilot Chip Tayag loved what he did, Unimaginable tragedy. North Carolina leaders react to Charlotte TV news helicopter crash, What to know: The Charlotte helicopter crash that killed 2 on I-77. "All of I-77 Southbound is closed at this time near the Nations Ford exit and will remain closed for an extended period of time," police announced on Twitter, later adding that ramps are closed from I-85 north and south to I-77 south. 'If you pray, please pray for his family, the family of @JMyersWeather, and our @WBTV_News family. The local news station confirmed the deaths of meteorologist Jason Myers and., To say the newsroom is heartbroken is an understatement, Beard wrote in a tweet. austin brown hallelujah, andre dickens married,

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