We are also passionate about having students work for their hometown members of Congress. Interns must be eligible to work in the United States. No phone calls or walk-ins please. As an intern, you would be a welcomed member of our team, which is dedicated to offering the best service possible to the people of Florida's 23rd Congressional District. Interns will have the opportunity to work with the administrative, policy, and press teams, conducting research, assisting during hearings and markups, and helping with other . Opportunities are generally available in the spring, summer, and fall. The U.S. House of Representatives is an equal opportunity employer. To be eligible to participate you must meet the following criteria: Preferred majors include, but are not limited to: The Library of Congress Internships (LOCI) program is a 10-week Summer or 15-week Spring or Fall program in which you will work full-time, five days a week, assisting with a variety of projects assigned by your internship mentor. Spring semester (January May) internship applications are due November 1st. They also have the opportunity to write memos . Congressional internships offer amazing work experience and a first hand look into democratic lawmaking. Even though some interns are compensated more than others, as mentioned in Question 3, without additional funding from their school or other patrons, paid congressional interns cannot afford the living expenses in D.C. Our mentors are senior staffers and government affairs professionals with deep DC experience. Asian Senators paid their interns more than Non-Asian Senators by an average of $1,515.74 per intern. Please use the external application link to submit your application. Candidates for internship positions must receive academic credit . The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation offers internships throughout the year that enable students to work in congressional offices or in federal agencies. Typical intern duties include answering constituent calls, attending hearings or briefings, writing letters in response to constituent questions, giving tours of the Capitol building, and any other tasks needed in a congressional office. They may be asked to answer phones, run errands, research legislation for the Member and . This is a great FREE online program to help you create a Hill-ready resume, leverage your LinkedIn network, and more. Paid Congressional Internships. Upon completion, all C2C-U alumni have access to our mentorship portal, job board, and LinkedIn group--all of which are designed to help you land a Congressional internship. Interns must be eligible to work in the United States.---All members of our cohort must complete "Getting a Congressional Internship 101" coursework on College to Congress University (C2C-U), which can be found on our website. Recorded at the Congressional Internship Information Session on February 4th, 2022. In 2018 Congress passed a law that, for the first time, provided funding for lawmakers to pay their D.C. legislative interns, allocating $20,000 to each House office for stipends. Applications for Summer 2019 are open until March 29, and the program runs from May 27 through July 26. Any applications submitted on the Idealist platform will not be accepted.Interested in forging a career in public service and public policy? Whether youre in the House or the Senate, congressional interns conduct research, assist constituents, and do administrative work, such as taking calls, writing letters, filing, and running errands. Post-graduation, youll have the contacts to pursue a role as a full-time congressional stafferand make no mistake, hiring managers tend to look to interns before anyone else for entry-level roles. HVAPS provides confidential referral of resumes when House offices request them. This could be in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Republicans in both the House and Senate are 3.9 times more likely to hire White interns than Democrats. Intern, Federal Affairs - Legislative Washington, DC, USA Virtual Req #863 Wednesday, March 15, 2023 The internship will start in March 2023 and last for approximately 13 weeks. 5. Proof of Pell Grant eligibility during the most recent undergraduate year, Outstanding oral and written communication skills, General familiarity with the federal legislative process and U.S. Congress. Interns are compensated at a rate of $18/hour, unless sponsored by an outside organization also compensating at a rate of at least $15/hour. Our goal is to provide each intern with a meaningful experience that will enhance their understanding of Congress. You will still be considered for a summer stipend, even if you have not received final acceptance from a Congressional office; however, stipends will only be distributed once GCA has received confirmation that you have been offered and have accepted an internship position. However, a recent study by Pay Your Interns found that white and more economically privileged individuals are disproportionately more likely to get . Additionally, these internships create important opportunities to increase civic engagement, and it is especially important for people of color and those less economically privileged to have their voices well-represented. Our mission is to empower advocat InterAction is a convener, thought leader, and voice for NGOs working to eliminate extreme poverty, strengthen human rights and citizen participation, safeguard a sustainable planet, promote peace, and ensure dignity for all people. The most common job after being a congressional internship is a law clerk. Yes. It is the largest OVERVIEW: Established by Congress in 1974, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is the countrys single largest funder of civil legal aid for low-income Americans. Interested in applying for a future semester? Applications are reviewed in a rolling basis; priority deadlines are below: Spring: January to May (Priority deadline: November 30) Fully furnished housing near the internship site is provided by TWC for all participants who need it. TTY: 202-225-1904, Applying for Positions with House Members and Committees, Applying for Positions with Other House Organizations, U.S. House of Representatives Job Line - (202) 226-4504, U.S. House of Representatives vacancy announcement lists are availableat the House Vacancy Announcement and Placement Service Office - Ford House Office Building - Suite H2-102, (202) 226-5836. Third, there are differences among Congressmen of different races. Editing The Young Leader's Guide. Preference will be given to current college students and applicants with ties to the Pacific Northwest and Washington's 9 th Congressional District. 1157 or granted asylum under 8 U.S.C. In the Washington, DC office, internships run throughout the fall, spring or summer semesters for college students. This is a fully funded program. Typical intern duties include answering constituent calls, attending hearings or briefings, writing letters in response to constituent questions, giving tours of the Capitol building, and any other . Some of these sessions are accessible on C2C-U! Responsibilities vary but will include research for constituents, assisting with Congressional events, answering phones, writing letters and other general office duties. 52.6% of undergraduates are White while 76.3% of paid congressional interns are White, 15.4% of undergraduates are Black while only 6.7% of paid congressional interns are Black, 20.2% of undergraduates are Hispanic or Latino while only 7.9% of paid congressional interns are Hispanic or Latino, 7.6% of undergraduates are Asian or Pacific Islander while 7.1% of paid congressional interns are Asian or Pacific Islander, 0.8% of undergraduates are Native American while 0.3% of paid congressional interns are Native American, 3.4% of undergraduates are Multiracial while only 1.8% of paid congressional interns are Multiracial. The Senate receives $50,000 per office to pay its interns. Two Tips to Help You Land a Job on Capitol Hill. We cover ALL costs associated with interning in DC, including meals, flights to/from DC, housing, and even professional clothing. The Humane Society Of The United States | Washington, DC. After graduation, we help our students secure full-time jobs on Capitol Hill and in public service in order to create sustainable change in Congress. This office is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, religion, disability, age, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, LGBTQ identification, family status, or military status. Constituents Only:718-662-5970 or Email Me|Out of District:(202) 225-3965. Barnard College offers assistance to students pursuing unpaid internships through the Beyond Barnard Internship Program. Many summer internships for high schoolers are available from the Library of Congress, including openings in the Geographic Information Science Program, the Manuscript Division, and the Young Readers Center Program. For paid positions, we offer monthly stipends of up to $1800/month, depending on hours worked and the availability of office funds, for part-time and full-time interns. Our mission is to empower advocat

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Colorado Governor Jared Polis is committed to building a Colorado For All, a place where everyone has an opportunity to succ For related job titles such as congressional intern. It also helps that 7 out of 10 internships result in a full time job offer, which means interning in Washington, DC can also serve as the foundation to landing a full time job in that city after graduation. No. Housing accommodations can, and typically do, require shared-living arrangements with other interns. To Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter indicating the semester to which you are applying and the days of the week you will be available 9 a.m. -6 p.m. Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You may be eligible to receive academic credit for your participation in this program. However, recent college . They will also gain valuable first-hand experience into the operations of a congressional office. $17.50 per hour working 30 hours per week. Senate related to internships. What is the educational background of paid congressional interns? If the video below does not work, click here to watch via Panopto. It is important to note that paid congressional interns are almost always required to live in D.C. This most likely is a strong contributing factor to the representation of people of color among paid congressional interns. So far during the pandemic, each congressional office has determined its own internship policies with regard to COVID-19. However, Democratic Senators are 2 times more likely to hire an intern who attended a private university than Republican Senators. You should discuss arrangements with your institution, prior to starting the program and let TWC know the specific requirements of your university. View ourPolicy Governing Lobbying Activities. In addition to the expectations of the office, C2C requires interns to participate in weekly leadership training, attend various events, and submit journal entries. First, there are differences among the political parties. Help us match you to employers! Your journey to a career in public service starts here. Stipend funds are intended for students who will be interning in Washington D.C. (as opposed to district offices). Three common soft skills for a congressional internship are speaking skills, writing skills and problem-solving skills. At the end of your internship, youll have relevant experience to help you decide if starting your career in the field of your internship is the right choice for you. Applying to Congress: Basic Things You Need to Know. In the District office, interns may be asked to do a variety of things, including day-to-day office work such as answering phones, writing letters, and attending district events. Summer positions are the most popular and most competitive. WASHINGTON, D.C. INTERNSHIPS Congressman Thompson's Washington, D.C. office is currently seeking interns in a fast-paced Congressional Office where they will gain valuable exposure to and knowledge of the legislative process and the United States Congress. Ensure that you have your cover letter and resume ready to upload at the end of this form. Legislative Affairs Interns. The hustle and bustle of the Hill is unlike anywhere else in the world and its not unlikely that youll bump into a well-known member of Congress on your way to work! The annual salary for congressional interns ranges from $31,000 to $55,000 per year. Want to contact your representatives in Washington? In addition, we provide professional development seminars to prepare our students to excel during their internships and beyond. There is no better way to begin than gai Intern, Federal Affairs - Legislative Washington, DC, USA Virtual Req #863 Wednesday, March 15, 2023 The internship will start in March 2023 and last for approximately 13 weeks. Summer Internship may be extended. . Summer positions are the most popular and most competitive. The LOCI program supports the Library in expanding recruitment of applicants from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU), and Asian American and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AAPISI). Phone: 202-224-3121 This site provides comprehensive information about job rights and employment issues nationally and in all 50 states. It is "lobbying" for a cause; it is lobbying for the smallest Center Road Solutions is a woman and mother-owned, boutique public policy firm committed to working across the aisle to develop, drive, and achieve lasting change for nonprofits serving women and families. We try to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with us and are happy to find a convenient time to meet. Spring 2023 (Virtual and in-person positions). If you decide to intern at a smaller company, youll sacrifice the name prestige for other benefits, such as having an opportunity to see your projects go from start to finish. on important issues, my work in the Congress and what's This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate tomorrow's leaders, strengthen their understanding of the transportation industry and prepare them for future public service opportunities. By assisting my district staff, interns have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about how a Congressional office provides constituent services and interacts with the community. Download 2023 Stipend Application. We expect a similar situation next summer, depending on the pandemics status at that time. Be able to work full-time (33-40 hours per week) for the duration of the internship. Internships are available throughout the year to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Specifically, 96% of Senate offices used the funds to pay at least one of their interns, while 92.5% of the House offices used the funds to pay at least 1 intern. Interns will work with staff to serve the constituents of New York's 14th Congressional district. Employment with the U.S. House of Representatives is at-will.**. Please email as an attachmentto Audrey Litvakwith Congressional Internship Stipend Application written in the subject line. Want to know when Congress is in session? All interns must take part in the program full-time upon acceptance and are not permitted to take outside courses or partake in any employment that interferes with their internship commitment. 3. District interns will witness the day to day delivery of services to constituents and other field activities that are essential to my work in Congress. Asian and Pacific Islanders make up 3.3% of all Congressmen and 7.1% of paid interns, There are roughly equal amounts of White and Latino Congressmen compared to paid interns. Interns work an average of 40 hours per week while earning 12 . During the 6-week summer session, internships are generally full time, from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday . Washington, D.C. There is no minimum required number of interns for each congressional office, and offices are under no obligation to hire interns. For more information about congressional internships, check out the Frequently Asked Questions. On average, there are 5.7 interns per office. DEADLINE: March 24thSTART DATE: Mid-MayEND DATE: Mid-AugustJoin the Latin America Working Group (LAWG) as an Advocacy Internand assist with our efforts to promote a human rights-based approach to U.S. policy towards Latin America. Explore a fulfilling career at the nations oldest federal cultural institution and the worlds largest library. District Office Applications Deadlines: Fall 2022 internship: Deadline is August 5, 2022 Winter Break 2022/2023 internship: Deadline is November 4, 2022 General Internship: OPEN. Owe allegiance to the U.S. On average, there are 3,841 paid interns working in Congress. In Washington, DC, interns' responsibilities will vary. - Tip #1: Think About Your Regional Ties. Page 2. However, a recent study by Pay Your Interns found that white and more economically privileged individuals are disproportionately more likely to get these competitive internships. Be lawfully admitted for permanent residence and seeking citizenship as outlined in 8 U.S.C. - Tip #2: Get Involved in Professional Advocacy. Please only apply if you know that you can handle a full-time work schedule on top of any other responsibilities. The Congressional Internship is designed for AA & NH/PI undergraduate aged students looking to increase their experience in public policy and service. Its important to consider if and how the pandemic may impact your summer plans if youre hoping to pursue an internship in Congress this summer. The average stipend these interns receive is $1,612.53 for the average 32 day period they work. Computer Science/Information Technology/Information Systems, Museum Studies/Collections Support and Research, Office of Legislative Information Services, Applications Accepted:Applications for Spring 2023 are closed, Decision Notification: Mid November 2022 (Applicants are notified when they are selected for interviews until all positions are filled or until mid November), Program Dates: January 23, 2023 May 5, 2023, Application Accepted: November 28, 2022 February 14, 2023, Decision Notifications: Mid April 2023 (Applicants are notified when they are selected for interviews until all positions are filled or until mid April), Program Dates: June 5, 2023 August 11, 2023 (subject to change). How do the Senate and the House vary in how much they pay their interns? Typically, we would prefer you to provide letters of recommendation from professional or academic sources who can attest to your desire to work in Congress and any experience you might have in this field. Website: Summer Intern Housing Note: All interns must take part in the program full-time upon acceptance and are not permitted to take outside courses or partake in any employment that interferes with their internship commitment. In the Honolulu district office, interns may be asked to do a variety of things, including day-to-day office work such as answering phones, writing letters and assisting with media clips. The Workplace Fairness Attorney Directory features lawyers from across the United States who primarily represent workers in employment cases. College to Congress creates pathways for students to intern in Congress who otherwise could not afford to do so. The second most common hard skill for a congressional internship is constituent correspondence appearing on 11.1% of resumes. Internships can help provide valuable work experience by learning the ropes from more experienced professionals. Assignments will span many professional fields at the Library; past placements have included: Interested in hearing accounts from former participants of the LOCI program? All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including marital or parental status), disability, or age. The Washington Center organizes multiple hands-on experiences to prepare you for your career including Resume Review & Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Review, and Interviewing & Pitching Yourself. Any applications submitted on the Idealist platform will not be accepted.Interested in forging a career in public service and public policy? Academic credit or a stipend will . Incomplete applications will not be considered. This is problematic because it establishes an economic barrier to getting a paid congressional internship, denying equal access to such an incredible opportunity. Applications for Summer 2023 are now closed. As a congressional intern, youll build your network in this fast-paced, ambition-fueled field. Do Congressmen of Color and White Congressmen vary in the diversity of the interns they hire? Participation in this program is intended to open opportunities for students who seek to have a career in public service but do not currently have the experience, support, or financial means to do so. The internship programs are designed to provide students with an understanding of the core functions of a congressional office, including responding to constituent inquiries, researching legislation, developing public policy, and observing the legislative process firsthand by attending committee meetings, hearings, and a variety of lecture series. While Senators represent more constituents, interns in both the House and Senate do a comparable amount of work, but are not paid accordingly. Washington, DC 20515 This could be in the House of Representatives or the Senate. An internship is a valuable opportunity to see how a Congressional office functions and to contribute to our efforts to serve and represent the 5 th District of Maryland. Students interested in applying should be motivated, detail oriented, display a strong work ethic, and interact well with constituents. Phone: (202) 994-2552, Howard University In general, an intern will: Washington D.C. Internship New York City Applicants:Attn: NY Internship CoordinatorOffice of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries445 Neptune Avenue, 1st Fl Community Room 2CBrooklyn, New York 11224Frieda.Menos@mail.house.gov. If you can put together a kick ass spreadsheet or do a bang up job organizing the supply closet, people will trust you with bigger/more interesting projects. It addresses the House and Senate rules that apply to congressional internships, factors that may affect an office's selection process and an individual's eligibility to serve in an internship, and some of the congressional resources and training opportunities available for interns. $17.50 per hour working 30 hours per week. Learn more about the Library of Congress at loc.gov and email federal@twc.edu with questions. CCE has several summer internship programs for Columbia students. In your application be sure to include the semester and dates you would be available to intern. Want to search for a piece of federal legislation? Email:[emailprotected] The STIPDG is a paid internship program open to all qualified candidates without regard to their race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by state or local law. The hours are flexible to accommodate students hectic course schedules, but generally take place during office hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All interns must be high school graduates who are enrolled in or have recently graduated from an accredited post-secondary educational institution, college or university. Note: Upon acceptance, interns must stay in provided C2C housing for the duration of the program. We accept applications from college juniors and seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates (within one calendar year of graduation at the time of application close). Mailing Address:We Work c/o College to Congress80 M St. A complete application will include (in one attachment): Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, Information from State and Local Governments. More about Workplace Fairness. 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